CNACA Annual General Assembly 2012

OUJÉ-BOUGOUMOU, June 12, 2012 – The Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association (CNACA) announces that its 7th Annual General Assembly will be held on July 11-12 in Mistissini. The travel days are July 10 and July 13, 2012

This year’s Annual General Assembly theme is “Supporting our Masters of our Cultural Treasures”

It is with honour, respect and gratitude that we extend an invitation to all members of the association as well as the general public to join us as we present the activities of CNACA.

If you are interested in participating please contact your local CNACA representative.

Ouje-Bougoumou, Kenny Mianscum, (418) 745-2743

Mistissini, Samuel Mianscum, (418) 923-2141

Waswanipi, Darrell Cooper, (819) 962-2291

Nemaska, Anna Wapachee Jr., (819) 673-2364

Waskaganish, Jimmy Tim Whiskeychan, (819) 895-8163

Eastmain, Jamie Moses, (819) 977-2010 ext: 222

Wemindji, Edward Georgekish, (819) 978-7718

Chisasibi, Roger House, (819) 855-2473

Whapmagoostui, Pakesso Mukash, (514) 850-7255

Washaw Sibi, Emma Mapachee, (819) 732-0851

Due to budget constraint, the Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association will be contributing all related expenses of two (2) members per community. We invite you to contact your local representative as soon as possible.

On behalf of the members and Board of Directors of CNACA, we look forward in meeting you at the Annual General Assembly.