The Endowment Fund: $8 million

Aanischaaukamikw now resonates with the ever-changing tempo of programming. But creating critical mass is not enough: the Institute must be fortified with an endowment program that will allow it to move confidently into the future. A strong Endowment Fund will allow Aanischaaukamikw to achieve essential strategic objectives including:

  • Stewardship of the collections: Great care must be taken to digitize and restore existing and future physical assets, particularly film, documents, and photographs
  • Building the future of the Aanischaaukamikw team: Scholarships, placements, and apprenticeships that will prepare young Crees to join Aanischaaukamikw’s staff
  • Attracting expertise and fostering a climate of educational exchange: Programs related to sharing of both physical assets and human resources with the best institutions in the world
  • Research: Financing research projects ranging from archaeology to language study to sociology, political science and history, and attracting top scholars devoted to study of indigenous cultures
  • Moving technology forward: Ensuring expansion of the technologies that enable access to the collections and programs from anywhere in the world; developing and licensing the tools that will keep the Aanischaaukamikw virtual offering at the cutting edge