Premier and Grand Chief visit Aanischaaukamikw


Premier and Grand Chief visit Aanischaaukamikw

Aanischaaukamikw was honoured to receive a visit on May 17th from Québec Premier Jean Charest, Cree Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come and several other Québec and Cree dignitaries, including Pierre Arcand, Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks, Geoffrey Kelley, Minister responsible for Native Affairs, Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Louise Wapachee and Abel Bosum, Chief Negotiator for Cree-Québec Relations.

This group was in Oujé-Bougoumou that day to announce the creation of the Assinica National Park Reserve.  Following the announcement ceremony the attendees walked to the Aanischaaukamikw construction site for a brief tour of the nearly finished building with explanations from project architects Douglas Cardinal and Stephen Rotman, and Aanischaaukamikw executive director Stephen Inglis.

Aanischaaukamikw looks forward to inviting everyone to visit when the building is complete and we open our doors to the public next fall.

(front row – left to right: Douglas Cardinal, Stephen Rotman, Geoffrey Kelley, Premier Charest, Pierre Arcand, Grand Chief Coon Come, Stephen Inglis)