Remember This… And You Will Live a Good Life

Remember This... And You Will Live a Good Life - Travelling Exhibition

Photos by Carl Chaboyer

In a seemingly non-stop flurry of activity since our opening, the Cree Regional Authority’s Remember This…And You Will Live a Good Life travelling exhibition presents another exciting new element to what’s going on this month at Aanischaaukamikw. The result of work done by archaeologists, Elders, and Cree youth to document how generations of Cree lived in the region surrounding the Eastmain River, the exhibition captures this knowledge in two areas: the “Shaaptuuaan” highlights important seasonal activities through the voice of these Elders, while the “Archaeology Showcases” area holds artefacts from several archaeological digs conducted prior to the river’s flooding in 2005.

Remember This ... And You Will Live a Good Life - Travelling Exhibition

Photos by Carl Chaboyer

The exhibition is a great complement to Aanischaaukamikw’s inaugural exhibit because it demonstrates the Cree traditional way of life that is evidence of our cultural continuity.  Nearing the end of my guided tour with Interpreter Johnny Neeposh, he pointed out a 200-year old brass pot hanging from the top of one of the showcase structures.   Though perhaps a common, everyday object, it brought to mind the custom of hanging animal skulls on tree branches as a sign of respect and thanks, and made me appreciate in turn how even common objects have a story to tell.

Come to Aanischaaukamikw and visit the travelling exhibition for your chance to be inspired!

From February 17, 2012 and February 20-22, 2012

Nian Matoush