Call for Actors: Mind’s Eye – Stories from the heart of Eeyou Istchee


Mind’s Eye Stories from the heart of Eeyou Istchee

Audition Dates:  OPEN


A Theatrical Production that will travel throughout Eeyou Istchee performing twice in each community; a performance for the community and one for each school. The Play is based on decades of research by Emily Masty with elders in Whapmagoostui and tells stories of Pikuutskuaau in a humorous and instructional way.  We look forward to providing opportunities for Eeyouch who wish to learn about the dramatic arts to take part in this production as actors or stage technicians.  ACCI is proud to offer opportunities to explore new career paths, and to honour our Elders knowledge in a new and exciting way.

ACCI is looking for talented Cree Actors (3 male / 3 female) to fill various roles in the Theatrical Production.  We are looking for actors between the ages 18 & 40.  Must have a strong sense of humour, be out-going, and posses the ability to act.   A four (4) week training will be provided in Ouje-Bougoumou  prior the start of the Theatrical Production.

These are paid positions, as well, transportation, lodging and meals will be provided.

To apply, please, send us a video via youtube or DVD to ACCI, describing why you want to be in this production.

For information, please our website or contact the following:


Shirley Cheechoo, Director

Rob Imrie
418.745.2444 ext; 2036

Gaston Cooper

The Humble T-Shirt


The humble t-shirt, with its origins in underwear and workers’ clothing, had become part of everyday dress and advertising by the 1950’s. At the Grand Opening of the Aanischaaukamikw, the humble red t-shirt stamped with the institute’s logo became much more significant. At first, it identified staff and then became part of the visitor experience as well. Near the front door of the new building a table was set up where guests were invited to leave their names and addresses for use in our future mailing list, and then received a t-shirt. Staff hurried to meet the demand as they distributed several boxes worth of t-shirts after only a few hours of opening.

By day three of the event, it was almost impossible to take a group shot anywhere in Oujé-Bougoumou without seeing at least one person wearing the t-shirt. Elders, kids and even performers on stage wore the t-shirt.

We were all touched by the warm and active participation of local people, visitors, and guests in the Grand Opening events, and the t-shirt came to symbolize the extent to which everyone not only seemed involved but were truly celebrating in the accomplishment that is Aanischaaukamikw.

Stephen Inglis

Photos by Gaston Cooper and ACCI

Excitement’s Building!



What’s a museum without exhibit cases, panels, texts and labels? It’s a museum getting ready for the public! Now the process is moving forward at an unprecedented pace, and we’re beginning to see just how spectacular Aanischaaukamikw is going to look. We were all very excited last week as we watched an 18 wheeler back into the new loading dock, not with construction materials, but with a fifty-three foot trailer full of the things we need to build one of the most extensive and informative exhibitions ever created about the James Bay Cree.

Next week the objects and artifacts will begin to arrive, and then the AV equipment to deliver the images and words of the elders as they describe the use of the objects on display. Weaving this all together will take all the skills and efforts of a large team of specialists, and they feel privileged to be here, to help assemble this story, and to play a part in the realization of this dream.

Keep your eyes on this site for news of our upcoming opening!