ᒑ ᐱᒋᔅᑎᓂᒑᔨᓐ ᐅᑎᐦ ᐋ ᐄᔑ ᑭᓄᐙᔨᐦᑎᒫᐦᒡ ᒑᒀᓐ

Donate to our collection

While the Aanischaaukamikw collection includes acquisitions from museums around the globe, the core of our collection is the priceless gifts of art and artifacts from our friends around the world, and especially from the people of Eeyou Istchee. If you have something you’d like to donate or lend to the Institute, we would love to talk to you!

Guide to Donations and Loans – Quick Reference

Collections Contacts
Please get in touch with us to discuss any potential donations or loans.


Laura Phillips, Collections Officer and Coordinator of Collections & Exhibitions
418-745-2444 ex 2009