Strategic Acquisition Fund: $5 Million

In its early years of operation, Aanischaaukamikw’s exhibitions and programmes have relied on loans from other museums and private collections, but we must now build a substantial permanent collection.

Funds raised will enable the acquisition of objects, documents, and development and acquisition of technology, all leading to the careful restoration, display, study, and reproduction of its assets. We will focus on:

  • Archaeology: Managing the process of transferring carefully selected archaeological collections from a variety of sources in Canada
  • Ethnology: Gathering objects that represent the traditional lifestyle and material culture of the Crees; engaging skilled crafts persons to replicate the objects
  • Crafts: Finding the best examples of contemporary and traditional crafts; digital capture of the techniques as demonstrated by Cree artists and artisans
  • Political history: Acquisition of priceless documents related to historic agreements between the Crees, governments, and industry
  • Contemporary and historical art and music: Gathering and cataloguing works from musicians and artists; providing recording and performance opportunities
  • Archival material: Films, texts, tapes, videos, photos, marriage records, and other priceless information from families, churches, governments, and other sources