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The archival material of Dr. Cath Oberholtzer

ACCI Archives is happy to announce the acquisition of the archival material of Dr. Cath Oberholtzer.  Dr. Oberholtzer received her BA in Archaeology (1981) and her MA in Art and Archaeology (1986) at Trent University.  She received her Ph.D. (1995) in Anthropology at McMaster University under the supervision of Richard Preston with her thesis entitled Together we survive: East Cree Material Culture.  Her major research undertakings culminated in the production of Our Grandmothers’ Voices: East Cree material culture in museums (2001), the posthumously published Dream Catchers: Legend, Lore, and Artifacts (2012), and several chapters in other collaborative works.  Dr. Oberholtzer died unexpectedly on August 18, 2012 in Toronto at the age of 72 shortly after visiting ACCI for its Grand Opening. 

This August, ACCI staff Raegan Swanson and Jordan Graham went to the Oberholtzer family home to retrieve materials from Dr. Oberholtzer library and work space to bring to ACCI.  The material will be divided between the library and archives and open to researchers in the near future.  

ACCI would like to thank Ron Oberholtzer and the entire Oberholtzer family for this amazing donation and Candace Oberholtzer for her help in coordinating the effort to collect the material