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Moose Break at the Museum

During the week of October 6 ACCI was closed to
the public for Moose Break, but that doesn’t mean that museum-y things don’t

So, what really happens to a museum when it’s
closed for a week?  

Well, sadly none of our artifacts come to life,
but the Collections Staff sure do because being closed for such a long time
means we can clean artifacts, move cases, and spruce up the exhibit for our

The ACCI Collection Staff welcomed the arrival
of our new Conservator, Fiona Hernandez by asking her if we could clean our two
largest artifacts.   But why clean artifacts that no one every
touches you might ask, well because even just sitting there they get dirty!


Using soft brushes and special vacuums so we
didn’t damage the wood, canvas and paint Fiona and I carefully removed dirt and
debris from the canvas canoe on loan to us from the Canadian Museum of History
in Gatineau, Quebec, before turning our attention to ACCI’s Odeyak. 



General cleaning in the gallery is also
important to ensure that pests, especially bugs, don’t make their homes in and
around the artifacts.  This means
vacuuming every small space, cleaning cases and dusting all places both high,
low, and in the middle.

To take a break from all of our cleaning, Staff
were also able to move cases and objects to new locations.  Focusing on another large object in our
display the Ceremonial Hide was removed from its case and set away in order to
let the hide and natural dies rest in the dark. Museum staff do this to ensure
that the materials are not exposed to damaging light for long periods of time
which can cause pigments to fade.

Finally, with many hands and lots of heavy
lifting the case was taken apart and will soon be moved to a new, surprise
location!  So please stay tuned for its

A big thanks to all of our staff who helped
during the week, and we hope everyone enjoyed their Moose Break!

-Written by Sharon Vance – Registrar