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Documentation and Research Centre

From archaeology to language study, from anthropology to the study of both oral and written literature, Aanischaaukamikw conducts independent research and collaborates with museums and academic institutions in Canada and abroad.

Language Research:

Developing new approaches to teaching Cree language includes developing tools like new dictionaries. These dictionaries describe the language and its varieties, capture oral nuances from speakers of different regions, study in terminology, and capture place names and their evolution over time

Material Culture

Gathering of objects made by the Crees both present and past and documenting their distinctive features; doing comparative research with other collections in other institutions.

This work will be enhanced and stimulated by the Donation and Loan program with community members throughout the region, and also through the participation of crafts persons and artisans.

Historical Objects

Through our program of museum loans, our research team will examine the specific techniques and materials used to create objects. This process will include research staff and craft experts from the communities, as rare and precious objects are recorded and, in some cases, reproduced.

The beaded hood will cared for by the ACCI’s collections staff, and will be used as an important element of educational programming relating to Cree traditions and customs.

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Learn more about the Cree Beaded Hood which has come home to Eeyou Istchee.

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An introduction to Eeyou Istchee archaeology

For more than 40 years, we have carried out collaborative archaeological projects in all of the Cree communities. In 2019, responsibility for archaeology transferred from the Cree Nation Government to Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute.

Most of the projects have used traditional Cree knowledge as a starting point for research. Cree Elders and land users have pointed out many sites for investigation. Their knowledge has been critical in understanding how and why these sites were used and in exploring broader patterns of history and land use.

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Elders' contributions

The history of archaeology in Eeyou Istchee can be told by highlighting the contributions of Eeyou and Eenou Elders who have been associated with different projects.

Here are a few examples:

  • Job Bearskin and Mary Bearskin
  • Kitty and David Neeposh
  • Johnny Husky Swallow
  • David Pashagumskum and Daisy Pashagumskum
  • Sam Rabbitskin
  • Williams Rabbitskin
  • Matthew Neeposh
  • Noah and Clara Wapachee
  • Matthew Wapachee
  • Harry Moses
  • Florrie Mark-Stewart
  • Sarah Wapachee
  • Hattie Moses
  • George Cannashish

Recent Projects

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