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Spring Cleaning!

The museum may be closed to the public during Goose Break, but museum staff have been working hard to do some spring cleaning before the museum opens again.

The library got a full cleaning last week.  Everything from shelves to carpets were washed in preparation for the summer.

One of the best ways to make sure that pests and insects stay out of the museum is to keep things clean.  Visitors often ask us about the little inset traps and mouse traps that are set all over the museum and why they are there.  We set the traps to make sure that our collections are safe from all kinds of different pests that would like nothing better then to eat everything we keep.

The museum staff members make sure that the insect traps are checked on a regular basis.  They keep track of all the different kinds of bugs that they find during the year and look for areas that might need to be watched. Spring is a very busy time for bugs and traps have to be checked more often then in the winter, notably around the front doors.

Cleaning does happen on a daily basis in the museum, but spring cleaning is always a great time to make sure we catch up on everything.

Have a great Goose Break everyone!

Guest post by Raegan