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Virtual Tour of the Institute

In early August, a small, highly specialized video production
crew from supplier HyperActive Productions took residence in
the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute, on a mission to
create something very special.

Cree art, music, history, and culture continue to be critically
important to Cree and non-Cree audiences, especially during
the difficult times of the current health crisis.

Funded through a generous donation from The Mastercard
Foundation, ACCI is in the final steps of developing a full VR
(virtual reality) video tour experience that allows the world to
experience this extraordinary museum and cultural institute.

The VR program does a complete “walkthrough” of the Institute,
from exteriors of the facility to the various exhibits and more.

As well as giving visitors the chance to experience the Institute
as if they were there in person – taking their own free path – the
VR tour allows people to linger in one spot as long as they want
to, double back on themselves to revisit their favourite aspects
and get closer to a variety of specific exhibits and objects.

You can see the VR tour here